Reimagining new
ways of being


Illustrator, Designer

This is the 'Nel' behind NelNel


From a young age, Nel has been captivated by the power of images and the ways in which they can elicit visceral emotions and shape our understanding of the world around us. Their art explores the complex relationships between bodies, politics, and collective consciousness, using bold visuals to challenge our internalised assumptions and expand our horizons.


For Nel, art is more than just a means of self-expression — it's a tool for social and political transformation. As a visual artist and sociologist, they are dedicated to creating thought-provoking artwork that challenges systemic oppressions and inspires us to imagine new worlds of being.


With NelNel's illustrations you are able to add thought-provoking art to your walls while supporting an independent queer artist and strengthening grass-roots action. And that's not all—you'll also receive your poster in sustainable packaging, delivered right to your door by bike.


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